B2B Marketing Development

Creatim - Slovenia's top Developers for 2020 rated by Clutch
Mitja - 14.9.2020

Creatim Rated by Clutch as one of Slovenia's top Developers for 2020

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User Experience Strategy

Slovenian tourism portal nominated for UX Design Awards
Andrej - 13.7.2020

The Slovenian tourist portal slovenia.info is nominated for a prestigious UX Design Awards, which is a global competition for the user and customer experience.

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Project Development Strategy

An offshore partnership built on total transparency, fair play, and trust.
Andrej - 3.6.2020

Creatim features long-term outsourcing partnerships with development teams, agencies and clients to work on their most pressing development or marketing challenges. We usually work...

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Symfony Project Development

Clients Deem Creatim a Top Developer!
Andrej - 30.1.2020

The rate at which technology is advancing is unprecedented, which means our world, in general, is changing at a staggering pace. If you ’re looking for a web development partner, it’s...

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Marketing Inbound Marketing

Marketing Automation is a key factor to sell more and better to the existing clients
Creatim - 26.6.2019

Interview with Nescho Topalov - Co-Founder and CEO of Top Ideas Digital. You’ve worked with big companies and smaller ones, including start-ups. When it comes to marketing, what are the...

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Destination Marketing Project Development User Experience Strategy

Destination Marketing: How to Tackle a Tourism Website Redesign
Andrej - 29.5.2019

The world is beautiful. And this can be a problem. At least for many national or regional tourism boards who find it increasingly difficult to compete for potential visitors. In a...

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Tried and Tested Strategy to Starting a Successful Online Business
Jimmy Rodela - 4.2.2019

These days, anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can start an online business. After all, everything you need to launch a startup – free resources, flexible eCommerce and blogging...

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How we overcame Magento 2 challenges and built a superfast solution
Andrej - 4.2.2019

In ecommerce, speed is important; there’s nothing new about that. As a rule of thumb, you should not keep the user waiting for more than 3 secs, otherwise, there is a good chance she...

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E-commerce User Experience

The Five Basic Types of Online Shoppers
Andrej - 4.2.2019

Not all online shoppers are created alike. Different people have different expectations and goals when it comes to shopping. Designing tailored experiences for various user types on ...

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Modifying Submitted Orders in IBM Websphere Commerce
Andrej - 4.2.2019

Modifying submitted orders in IBM WebSphere Commerce 8, its limitations and customization options The new IBM Websphere Commerce Suite 8 (IBM WCS) supports many check-out scenarios....

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