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Project Development, Strategy

An offshore partnership Built on total transparency, fair play, and trust.

Andrej 28.4.2020
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Andrej Perc is a founder and managing partner of Creatim. His articles reflect the expertise and skills of the entire team.

Project Development, Strategy


Creatim features long-term outsourcing partnerships with development teams, agencies and clients to work on their most pressing development or marketing challenges. We usually work remotely with occasional onsite visits on demand.

Solution design

Do you need a team to build your product? Creatim offers an end-to-end solution delivery, from requirements gathering to development and quality control. Although managed by Creatim’s project manager, you will retain a hands-on overview in the project progress.

Staff augmentation

Do you seek extra resources or domain-specific expertise? Creatim’s experts can fill the gap in your development team. They will adjust to your processes and methodology taking on responsibilities assigned by a project manager on your side. 

How to start the onboarding process

1. Discover

In a discovery meeting, typically over video conference, we will dive into project requirements and explore your preferred collaboration model.

2. Choose

Once we know your needs and preferences we will send you a list of team members for your project or available candidates to complement your team.

3. Meet

You may want to conduct a technical interview with the team candidates. You can test them out in the first week of the assignment, free of charge.

4. Start

After the test week was successfully concluded and the agreement was signed off, you have new members on board ready to meet the challenges ahead. 

Why Creatim

  • An adept, senior development team
  • Track record of successful deliveries
  • Full visibility  into the project progress
  • All team members are fluent in English
  • Experts  in Java, PHP, and various Frontend technologies
  • Specific domain knowledge


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