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12 Principles of a Successful Website Design

Whatever goals and requirements did you set for your website design it helps to get the basic right.

A bedrock of an effective website design consists of 12 principles in terms of content and technology – the yin and yang of online success. Together they make up a framework for a modern user experience. Creating a website without these principles is a waste of time, yet this remains a stumbling block for many companies.

In effective websites, the technical aspects and content-related features are closely intertwined. You cannot have a good design and neglect the content, the users’ behavioural patterns and the technical framework of your future website. Similarly, there’s no use in creating elaborate code if the content is out of place. It all has to function as a whole.

The infographic “Yin and Yang of Effective Websites” could be used as a cheat sheet in evaluating different solutions and suggestions regarding websites.

Next time when you’re updating your website, why not print it out and pin it on your wall?

Infographic: 12 Principles  of a Successful Website Design

Why? Because it tells you:

  • how to attract and motivate visitors,
  • how to organise the website content,
  • what are the meanings and the implications of having a sound technical basis,
  • how to encourage visitors to contact you.

Please click below to download the “Yin and Yang of effective Websites”.


What is your company’s experience with websites? We would be happy to hear your comments.

Written by: Andrej

Andrej Perc is a founder and managing partner of Creatim. His articles reflect the expertise and skills of the entire team.

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